#RANT UCLA Law Professor


So let me get this straight… let me look at the entire picture here.

(1) Grown adults paying money they don’t currently have to attend an institute of higher learning
(2) Attending said institute and taking courses to exercise their mind and understanding of the rule of law
(3) For a future career in the practice of law, arguing law and understanding what makes a case
(4) So they can have a well paying career practicing law so they can repay their loans they took out to attend the institute of higher learning

Ok… now that I have that out of the way… the professor from UCLA Law School asks the question to his students on an exam:
“Should Mike Browns stepfather have been indicted for inciting violence when he yelled ‘burn this b*tch down!’ and subsequently the rioters commenced to arson and widespread looting.
The Professor then asked the students to explain why or why not.

Well that obviously is just too harsh of a question for the prospective practicers of law in his law school course he’s teaching. The students were so upset over the question that they forced the Professor to remove the question and issue an apology.

Apology? Apology for what?! For asking a question based in the legal arena your course you are paying big bucks to take is supposed to prepare you for? So asking this question gets you as a student so butt hurt that you can’t function? HOW THE F*CK ARE YOU GOING TO BE A LAWYER?!? What are you going to do when someone brings a legal question to your office or law practice and asks you for your legal advice? You going to turn them away and slam your door shut and cry? You won’t have a very good career as a lawyer if that’s what you believe is a suitable response.

We are raising a nation of cowards folks. absolute cowards.

If I were the professor I’d have flat out failed every single student who told me they had a problem with the question. I would have told the students to their face the reason I failed them for the exam is because they need to get over their personal feelings when looking at events through the lens of law. It’s not an activist class, it’s a law course. If they want to be an activist go over to the liberal arts courses.

See the article HERE

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