New post coming soon…. some good news, some not so good

Got a lot of things working here at the homestead…. lots of things happening in the world as well. As we all know you must ensure your own home is solvent and solid before you move forward with the massive work we have facing not only our own country but our people… mankind. The powers that be want a WAR…

WW3 why? Money. Power. Influence. The standard drugs for modern day addicts like the ones we have in power.

There’s going to be a great write up coming on this but first let’s take a look at something very relevant from SCG as that channel “GETS IT” as to what’s being forced on us. They tried to get WWIII kicked off with the Sarin gas attacks coordinated by the shadow government hoping we would buy it… but we didn’t. Now out of the ashes of that story comes ISIS (or as the Golfer-in-chief Obama calls them, ISIL *more on that later*)…. gee… I wonder who created that? hint, it wasn’t radical Islam.

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