Stutzman (R-IN) to Introduce National Recipricity Bill


Stutzman to Introduce GOA-Backed Reciprocity Bill for Concealed Carry

It’s a problem as fresh as today’s headlines.

A Pennsylvania woman with a concealed carry license drives over the New Jersey line with a gun in her car.  In a routine traffic stop, she is arrested and charged for violating New Jersey’s unconstitutional gun laws. Only a national campaign saves her from a decade in prison. Continue reading

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#RANT UCLA Law Professor


So let me get this straight… let me look at the entire picture here.
Continue reading

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Election Section (11-3-2014)

Well… here’s my ballot for the election tomorrow. I’ll update throughout the evening.

California Ballot

Governor – Write in Tim Donnelly (both choices are garbage, no write in area, make one)

Lt Governor – Ron Nehring

Sec of State – Pete Peterson

Controller – Ashley Swearengin (She had her shit together as Mayor, works for me)

Treasurer – Greg Conlon

Attorney General – Ronald Gold (Because Kamala Harris f’n sucks at life)

Insurance Commissioner – Ted Gaines (anti-obamacare, works for me)

Board of Equalization, D-4 – Diane Harkey

House, 50th District – Duncan Hunter

State Senator (D-38) – Joel Anderson (DeLeon needs enemies up there)

State Assembly (D-75) – Marie Waldron (met her, she’s at least honest)


No – Goodwin Liu, Florentino Cuellar, Kathleen O’Leary, Richard Fybel

Yes – Gilbert Narnes, Alex McDonald, Thomas Hollenhorst, James McIntyre, Terry O’Rourke, Kathryn Werdegar, William Rylaarsdam, Richard Anderson, David Thompson

Superior Court (#25) – Ken Gosselin


Mayor – Sam Abed (Olga Diaz is a progressive democrat, no thanks)

City Council (D-2) – Rick Paul (Hunziker rubbed me wrong, Downey is too much an ideologue and Paul seems legit thus far)

Prop 1 – NOPE

Prop 2 – YEP

Prop 45 – NOPE

Prop 46 – NOPE

Prop 47 – NOPE

Prop 48 – NOPE

Escondido Prop E – NOPE

Escondido Prop G – YEP

Escondido Prop H – YEP



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World War III – Part 1


To tell this story and publish these truths I feel it is necessary to break it apart into several pieces. To better understand where we are going and where we are now we first need to know the MASSIVE amounts of groundwork that our globalist elite friends in DC and seats of power throughout the political and corporate world have laid out before us… always working behind the curtain distracting you with the other hand whether it be celebrity news, social norms being challenged or some other nonsense they push out as the top story of the day. The real meat is what lies beneath. Continue reading

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Well… This is not a surprise.

US along with 5 other Arab nations to include Qatar and Saudi Arabia two of the nations that habitually find radical Islamic terrorism… Have begun military operations in Syrian borders.

Time is getting short to stop it from

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New post coming soon…. some good news, some not so good

Got a lot of things working here at the homestead…. lots of things happening in the world as well. As we all know you must ensure your own home is solvent and solid before you move forward with the massive work we have facing not only our own country but our people… mankind. The powers that be want a WAR…

WW3 Continue reading

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So now the police in St Louis are arresting THE PRESS.

Hmm…. Yeh. Not a good idea to go “full tyrant”… No one goes “full tyrant” (paraphrasing Tropic Thunder)

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